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When it comes to anything related to Motorola mobile phones in the city, we are the number one name. As the best Moto service center in Chennai, we know the value of a Smartphone. We comprehend that these little gadgets have become more than just a way to make phone-calls. A mobile is our constant link to the world. It is our source of information and our source of entertainment. Therefore, keeping a mobile in tip-top condition is not only important but also vital. This is where we step in. As a Motorola service center in Chennai, we offer a complete range of services to our clients.





Bring Damage Devices

Motorola Service Center in Chennai – Our Offerings, Looking to buy a new Motorola phone in Chennai? Or are you looking for a Moto service center near me that can repair your mobile? Then your search ends with us. From picking up a new phone until the time you say goodbye to an old version, we are with you at each step of the way. Be it a simple screen repair or a complicated hardware change; we comply with the strictest standards and qualities in the industry. All our replacement and repair services conform to the highest benchmark. We do not believe in shoddy work where the customer suffers. Some of the repair services we undertake include: LCD & Digitizer Replacement, Non-Responsive To Camera Repair & Camera Lens Replacement, Original Equipment Manufacturer Replacement Parts

Diagnosis & Solve Issues

Why Pick Us As Your Moto Service Center in Chennai? The repertoire of services we offer when it comes to Motorola is extensive and all inclusive. There is no Motorola repair issue or problem that we cannot solve. This gives you the number one reason to choose us as your Moto service center in Chennai. We are also the only repair shop that goes beyond duty and gives a hundred percent effort. We strive to change your faulty phone to its best performing condition. When you pick us, you opt for qualified engineers who have years of experience under their belt. It is our capability to be able to work on the oldest Moto phone to the very latest model that makes us the leading choice. When it comes to mobile gadgets by Motorola, there is no better service centre than us.

Return Perfect Devices

Motorola Mobile Phone Service Center in Chennai – Strives To Please, Repair is just one way we strive to please our clients and customers. We also have on hand an entire stock of accessories that can be used with any model of a Moto device. With our competitive prices and quick turnaround time, we are the most sought after Moto service provider in the city. When it comes to all things Motorola, you can never go wrong with us! Some of the repair services we undertake include: Faulty Buttons repair/replacement, Water Damage, Sticky Keypads, Charging Port Repair,Battery Replacement.


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Moto Mobile Service Centre is the leading service Centre in Chennai to repair your moto mobiles. We can repair and unlock 99% of mobile phones in the market

  • Save Money And Time

    Repairing rather than replacing your business's devices is hugely cost effective.

  • Attract Customers

    Professionally refurbished devices with a 2 year warranty and optional battery upgrade

  • Easy To Use

    Our service is simple and straightforward, and we can adapt it your business's needs.

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